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In the category of Visualization my focus lies primarily on creating 3D architectural visualizations. These visualizations serve various purposes. They may assist investors and project developers in presenting their ideas and convincing potential clients. A architects utilize them in competitions and feasibility studies to effectively showcase their designs and ideas. My visualizations include both images and videos, contributing to the optimal communication of the project’s concept. Often, I create multiple variations that examine the interplay of forms, light, and materials to achieve the best possible outcome.

At the end, the image remains.

It is important to note that in our society, the image plays a significant role. It is a powerful form of communication that evokes emotions, tells stories, and creates memories. Projects we undertake may come and go, but the image that captures them endures. A good image has the power to leave a lasting impression. It captures the essence of a moment and bestows upon it immortality. It is the visual heritage we bequeath to history.

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